A Business Partner in Strategic Analyses and Insights to Drive Performance
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We provide consulting and analytic support in the following areas:

  • Pipeline Strategy and Prioritization
  • Business Development & Licensing and M&A
  • Sales Force Operations & Analytics
  • Commercial Analytics
  • Marketing Intelligence
  • Training in BD & L and Analytics
ProPharmance, LLC has launched the latest version of RnDPipeline.com, a unique searching, contacting, and modeling platform. The latest version has enhanced capabilities of developing forecasts, valuation and deal structure for a portfolio of assets / opportunities in life sciences at various stages of development. For more information please visit us / contact us: www.rndpipeline.com
Email: info[at]rndpipeline.com

Some of our major business partners :


  • Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology Companies
  • Universities & Research Institutions
  • Life Science Investors
  • Industries in need of Data Analytics for Sales & Commercial Operations