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BD & L


BD&L is an area where our experience in biopharmaceutical science and analytics merge to provide clients’ the most realistic advice. Our strategic analytic team can serve as a single source of your BD&L strategy development and execution. From commercial assessment to valuation of any opportunities we will guide you to come up with the development of deal structure and negotiation strategies. How do you evaluate your current pipeline strategy? How do you prioritize all the R&D projects? Let’s help you align your BD&L strategies with companies long-term strategic goals.


Sales Operations


Investment on sales force is the most expensive promotional channel for biopharmaceutical industries. This client-facing mode of promoting a brand is still considered an effective interaction that prescribers respond to. Do you have the right size of sales force? Are they aligned with strategy? Are they motivated enough? Are your reports too complex to take any actions? Does you brand team have a plant to run a field experiment? Our team of analytics will provide you with valuable and actionable insights about dynamics in a territory and effects of sales force to drive performance. Our high end analytic and project management tools are based on simple applications like MS Excel and MS Access would make your sales and marketing teams’ jobs much easier.


Commercial Analytics


We will work with your brand team to come up with an analytic plan that is aligned with your tactics and strategies. Do you have the right targeting strategy in place? We will strategize your targeting and segmentation strategies and implement them to drive ROI. Is your promotional mix is not optimized? If not, ProPharmance can provide analytic support to solve this issue of marketing mix.